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to help you create an unforgettable weddings ceremony?

Then fear not, as I specialise in creating unforgettable wedding ceremonies for couples in the Tweed, Gold Coast Queensland, Toowoomba, Brisbane area.

Once we’ve had a chat to ensure that we are a good fit, I put together a ceremony that highlights the connection and electricity that distinguishes your love and connection.

I always create a ceremony full of fun and humour, dented with romance, smiles, tears and memorable personal vows

If you’re looking at having your guests fully engaged and revelling in the excitement and magic of your union, this is what I can offer, as you will gather from customer reviews.

Not only will I guide you through the entire process, but I promise to make it easy and provide you with ongoing tips to get to a perfect celebration.

You will find me down to earth, always happy and always excited to create your marriage celebration the way you want it
as for areas,

I live in the Gold Coast and therefore know the ins and outs of all the wedding venues around the Tamborine Mountain, the beaches on the Gold Coast, the botanical gardens and other favourite spots.

I also travel to Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Mount tambourine, Byron Bay and the Tweed area.

This would include Mudgereeba, the Scenic Rim region, Kingscliff, Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales and Broadbeach Waters.

Another significant reason you should look at booking an exploratory chat now is the fact that my wedding packages are definitely among the most affordable on the Gold Coast.

I am also a male celebrant that caters for same-sex marriage and alternative wedding ceremonies.

My goal is to help you prepare the most memorable wedding celebration that will have your guests and closest family speaking about your special day for years to come.

I also pride myself on my attention to detail so we don’t forget anything.

Making you and your partner to be feel comfortable and confident throughout the ceremony is what I aim for, and I can proudly say that I achieved this for my clients.

Whether you are looking at ace complex or a simple ceremony, or making it informal or formal, I am always happy to help you realise your wishes.

It will be something completely personalised to you and your love.

As a male celebrant on the Gold Coast

I am always dedicated to following your lead, and pointing you in the right direction to help you realise the day of your dreams.

My other brief is to turn your ceremony into a stress free environment, and this only comes about from us going through every detail to ensure that nothing leaves you flustered on your special day.

Many of my clients have also remarked that I provide a unique flexibility and undivided care and attention which leaves them relaxed and confident that everything will go well.

One point I get the most compliments for is that I really take the time to know and understand my clients, and that I then use this insight gained to create a memorable day which includes personalised meaning for everyone involved.

So why choose me?

What is it about the way I create a ceremony that will make your wedding day as memorable as can be?

Well first, I keep everything light-hearted during the planning process

This is quite unique in the wedding industry as most male celebrants try and enforce their vision onto the ceremony.

I don’t like that approach at all, rather preferring to incorporate personal touches.

This is my full-time profession. For that reason I have made it my business to also make your family and friends feel completely at ease during the wedding ceremony.

These interpersonal skills only come after years of experience in the wedding ceremony business.

I will help you with your wedding planning (depending on the wedding package that you choose)

your big day will be a fun, relaxed day that reflects your vision for your dream ceremony.

Here are some questions that we might want to go through

to put your mind at ease about how I will treat your big day.

Question: how is your celebrant service on the Gold Coast service different from your competitors

Answer: two things make me stand out, the first of which is that I provide the best value for money in so far as offering the most affordable wedding packages available throughout the Gold Coast.

The second thing is that as a mature male celebrant, I bring dignity and respect and sophistication to your special wedding celebration.

Question: so what’s in it for you?

Answer: you together with your partner will receive the utmost personal care and attention to detail and will count on having a memorable and engaging wedding ceremony.

Question: so how do I know it’s real?

Answer: the best guide for you would be to have an exploratory call with me so you can see for yourself whether I would be a good fit.

Further to this I can refer you to third-party testimonials, and even provide you the details of some of my clients should you want to have a more first-hand discussion with what services I provide and what my clients think about them.

Question: so what’s holding you back?

You have absolutely nothing to lose by requesting a call back so we can have a chat if you decide we are a good fit, we can schedule a first meeting, and based on that you could probably assess whether you are comfortable enough for us to move ahead and make your big day something special.

Question: So why have you not gotten married yet?

Could it be that you have been holding out for someone who can help you with an affordable option but without compromising on profession allergy and attention to detail?

For getting married, do not put your trust in tomorrow.

So many people never find their right soulmate, and so, if you have found the person who you would want to share your life with, do not hesitate.

I would love to be the male wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast that would help your dreams come true and make your marriage celebration an incredible special day that will be remembered by all involved

Question: so why now?

Why would it be the best thing for you to move forward and pull the trigger on organising an incredible marriage celebration so the two of you could realise your dreams with the company that you have fallen in love with.

As mentioned just before, we experience first-hand how fragile life is, and how fragile our living standards and financial standing, especially with the covert 19 experience and increased political tensions and uncertainty.

Putting off something as important as your wedding celebration for the sake of waiting these conditions out is peer sacrifice, and unnecessary.

Facing the future and the uncertainties together as a happily married couple who can support each other is so much better than putting your life on hold for extraneous circumstances over which you hold no control.

Just send me a message now for me to call you back so we can have a chat, and that will allow you to get a feeling for whether we are a good fit.

If all goes well, I can help you by being an awesome celebrant helping you towards your Dream Day.

Question: why should I trust you?

Because as a male celebrant on the Gold Coast, I have been specialising in this role of helping couples in love to realise their big day.

I can point you to my Google reviews if this is necessary, but I urge you to call me so you can get a feel for whether you can trust me.

There is nothing like the personal touch, and this is what you would experience should you call me. These crazy times we could probably conduct the entire planning process via Skype meetings.

So how does it work?

It’s an easy three step process, and the first step is for us to have an exploratory call so we can both decide whether we are a good fit.

There after we work on deciding which wedding package would be ideal for you and your partner, and what other details has to be included in the planning stage.

After that, I help you with everything that you need help with including writing the marriage vows, love songs et cetera.

The last stage is when I conduct your wedding as a celebrant according to the plans we have made.

This is basically how we create a ceremony and an awesome wedding day.

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