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  1. Romantic Exchange of rings: (would this bring a tear to you…?)

NAME, I love you. My heart is in this ring. My love is in this ring. I promise to be your faithful partner/husband, to love you through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy.

I promise you my unconditional love and I give you my unwavering trust. When you look at this ring remember that I love you always.

“For me the hushed attention of guests as the couple exchange wedding vows is the climax.”

Home weddings are on the rise, – more personal and joyful family atmosphere,- less expensive – why not?

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 couples so eager to call it quits and throw in the towel on your relationships because everything isn’t “perfect” … here is some food for thought .

Lifelong commitment is not what most people think it is .

It’s not waking up every morning to make breakfast and eat together .

It’s not cuddling in bed until both of you fall asleep, peacefully, at night .

It’s not a clean home filled with laughter and lovemaking, everyday .

It’s someone who steals all the covers (and snores!) .

It’s slammed doors and a few harsh words , at times.

It’s stubbornly disagreeing and giving each other the silent treatment until your hearts heal …and, then…FORGIVENESS !

It’s coming home to the same person , everyday, that you know LOVES and CARES about you in spite of (and because of) who you are.

It’s laughing about the one time you accidentally did something stupid .

It’s about dirty laundry and unmade beds . It’s about helping each other with the hard work of life!

It’s about swallowing the nagging words instead of saying them out loud . It’s about eating the easiest meal you can make and sitting down together at a late hour to eat because you both had a crazy day .

It’s when you have an emotional breakdown and your Love lays with you and holds you and tells you everything is going to be okay …and you BELIEVE them .

It’s about still loving someone even though, sometimes, they make you absolutely insane .

Loving someone is not easy ….sometimes it’s extremely hard ; but it’s amazing and comforting and one of the BEST things you’ll ever experience!

If you are BLESSED to have a wonderful partner in your life ,


“It’s all in the vows….said from the heart…comes the sincerity, trust and commitment. ” I …… take you ….. for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health for the rest of my life.” WOW!” 


Always write out your vows and exchange of rings…even though your celebrant reads them and you repeat….. because for sure if you try to remember them they will come out jumbled!


Grooms: before you leave the hotel don’t forget to double check who has the rings….because if they are forgotten there will be one very upset bride.

Brides: before you start the bridal procession don’t forget to take a few deep breaths to settle the butterflies…. because once you start walking everything becomes a blur….

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